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ColorPixxel Agency works 5 years span in the Ui Ux Design industry. We had worked both with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. During this period, we noticed that there is a long-existing gap between technology and peoples. And there aren’t many companies which are able to fill this gap. With an aim to bridge this gap.


Initial Challenges

Now is the era of evolution for Ui UX design. You create an interactive user interface and that’s where you pull in a large number of customers. And half your battle is already won. However, during the initial days, the ColorPixxel agency faced majorly 2 challenges – funding and finding the right candidate. A bootstrapped venture, the firm believes that this has acted as a driving force for its growth. Color Pixxel used this challenge as his strengths. Today, the firm believes in training candidates to make them the right fit for the company rather than waiting for the right one. Color Pixxel agency training sets it apart from other traditional Ui Ux designing companies.

With so many different approaches to design, the designers of Colorpixxel had already dealt with plenty of problems and knew how to stand out while still appealing to the target audience.

Clear Typography Ui Ux Design

Typography is key to create a more satisfying user experience. It’s important to have a clear-cut typographic hierarchy in Ui Ux design. So that titles and pictures are easy to spot,  and users can enjoy squinting at their screen to read any stories on their phones.


Friendly &Unique Appearance

Making Ui Ux design more friendly and fun by including playful illustrations, bright color palettes, and exciting fonts. Color Pixxel uses this style of design to provide our customers with more of an immersive online experience.

Therefore, the Ui Ux designers team of Color Pixxel trust their gut, follow their instincts. And one of the most important rules ColorPixxel follows is: remember to respect the platforms and focus on the customer benefit. So customers can have fast and quality designs, ease of use, easier payment process. And delight during interaction and enjoy their product creation happily and freely.

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