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Your packaging design should make the relationship between your customers and your brand deeper. At Colorpixxel, every packaging project begins with the brand, competitor, and trading research. We’ll walk the walkways at the stores that carry your product. Cameras in hand, surveying the retail landscape and identifying opportunities.

We’ll bring your product to success with packaging that sets an example of the values of your company. We consider everything from brand plans for the future. From design and color choice to format and materials used.

An energetic way to find your unique packaging design

Colorpixxel’s creative team helps clients with unique, customized designs. With an amazingly simple process.

This includes the packaging type. Different dimensions, bottle and box design, corrugated boxes, label design, shipping container labels, product specifics, SKUs, product photos. Also all other requirements and specifications that impact your company’s design.

What makes a good package design?

Whether you’re selling a beverage, food, or a physical product, your product packaging needs to capture attention. When someone is looking at products in-store, and it must offer something unique to appeal to your customers. Knowing how to get people to respond favorably to your design will help you sell more products.

Your packaging design should scream, loud and clear, for your product when you can’t be there to do it yourself.

Attractive packaging design motivates people to make impulsive purchases. Reflective thought and leaves the customer with a feeling of having been rewarded. That’s a robust impact.

Color can be amazingly effective at grabbing our attention. Definite color wavelengths have been shown to attract human focus. This study reported that red, yellow, green, and pink are the most eye-catching colors. If you start to use these colors on your packaging will physiologically increase the probability that someone will look at your package.


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