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A brand icon that is designed in an imagery format to describe your brand metaphor & product. Professional or artistic – our graphic experts deal with every kind!


A drastic duo of illusion & contemporary – we bring the imagination into reality. Creating an embellishing art that catches everyone’s attention is what we’re known for.


A smart choice for professional companies who prefer their brand’s name and tagline as a logo. No problem, we have plenty of options for you!


Our graphic team loves to play with fonts and letters. Lettermark logo is all about creating groovy logos that goes with your brand persona.


Unique, exceptional, and a little funky, that comes as a whole in animated designs. Artistic companies & brands opt for such cool logos.


An old classic emblem that never goes out of trend. 2D logos instantly delivers your brand concept & metaphor without even being told. Ta-Da!


Only a few people from many can understand the impact of 3D logos in the market. Especially IT & Scientific companies.


An abstract logo is a blend of groovy & jazzy combination. It represents your brand’s logo in typography, shapes, image and fonts.

Why Logo Design and Branding are Important?

Businesses go to great lengths to convince consumers to try their products and services and to continue to purchase those offerings in the future. Branding is a common marketing practice that businesses use to retain customers. It involves creating a distinct company image or theme that forms a link between the company and quality products and services in the minds of consumers. Logos are a common type of tool that companies use in the branding process.

A logo is a symbol, word, or combination of the two that a company uses in conjunction with its products or services. Many well-known companies have iconic logos. For example, McDonald’s uses a large golden “M” as a logo and Apple uses a stylized image of an apple with a bite taken out of one side. Designing and displaying logos is a way that businesses get consumers to remember and recognize their products and services. Companies can register logos as trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; trademark holders are granted the exclusive right to use a registered mark.


Unique Digital Entity!

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Affordable Packages for your Business

High quality design, development and marketing packages designed by experts to meet the demands of businesses of all types and sizes.

Client Benefits from  ColorPixxel Designs

Multiple Logo Ideas

We don’t stick to one idea when it comes to creating an epitome of the brand. We go beyond limits to design something extraordinary for your business.

On-Time Delivery

Delivering it after a committed date is never an option for us. We believe in ASAP delivery without compromising on quality.

All-Size File Format

We provide FREE size format to our clients. That means the logos either be printed or used in online forums.

Skilled GraphicsTeam

Too much dedication & experience in their work makes us proud whenever we talk about our graphic experts!

Stellar Logo Creativity

Creating a masterpiece of art that becomes the talking emblem of your brand is what we’re recognized for.

Unlimited Redo

We give complete benefit of the doubt until you announce it “perfect!” Your satisfaction is everything that matters to us.

A Glimpse of Our Portfolio

Our journey in the branding &  Logo design & Graphic Design industry would have never been successful without you!


Unique Digital Entity!

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How Does It Work?


We understand that the basic step to a long-lasting business link is communication. Our in-house fanatics act up to your expectations and makes sure you get what you demanded.


With the indulgence of look, feel, and accessibility, Our team brings imagination into visuality. Our impeccable designs speak volumes of your brand objectives straight away.


With years of expertise, our development team redefines man-made perfection every day. We empower businesses creating easy-to-use applications and web development to display their brand on mobile and web platforms.


Team Colorpixxel stands by your side until your business starts to fast-paced globally and you start generating numbers. Our passion and dedication to work purely lie in your tranquil satisfaction once your project is launched.

Impressive Work - Professional Team

Team ColorPixxel simply justified what the word professionalism exactly means. Their services were undoubtedly commendable and their team knows how to make a good connection with a client. Keep up the pace!

Obvious Reccomendation!

Finally, all my internet surfing paid off when I found this ah-mazing website that does all my designing & branding stuff. And the best part? They offer reasonable quotations which by the way, amazed me instantly.

Envision Working Experience!

ColorPixxel Logo’s team didn’t disappoint my expectations. Since I and my sister started our venture, we panicked for custom logo design AND then ColorPixxel team came to the rescue. Phew! Strongly Recommended!