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We are an Illustration design agency. We produce any sort of illustrations for numerous variety of projects. Beginning from a website and ending with an interactive game. Above all, we can organize any visual solutions for your business.

ColorPixxel agency offers services in comic book and graphic novel art. Similarly children’s book illustrations, book cover designs, book illustrations, character illustrations, cards, and posters, etc.

Moreover comic books and graphic novels is a popular form of art from the 1930s. The popularity of comic books and graphic novels are still strong.


Tattoo Design

Do you need to stand out of the crowd with an in our view designed tattoo? We can make it happen. Therefore the proportion of your ideas and sketches with us. And we are able to carry your plans and goals into actual designs.


Print design

For the ones preferring authentic designs of their apparel – there’s no restriction to creativity! In other words, we perform all illustration designs for clothing, furniture, and other kinds of textiles. To enable your creativity and fashion without boundaries.


Concept art illustrations

Any art assignment calls for a fresh, distinguished idea to be successful in some of the customers. Therefore we are equipped to help you with idea art improvement to invest within the commercial achievement of any start-up.


Character design

Are you planning game production? And want visually appealing, interesting, and realistic characters to make it alive? We are geared up to develop characters of any style and complexity for you.


UI design

Use interfaces should be unusual and attractive for users to like your web site or application. Therefore we can develop unique UX textures to present your resources with an unforgettable look!


Children’s Book Illustration:

The appeal of children’s books lies in their colors and beautiful illustrations.

ColorPixxel has completed hundreds of children’s book illustrations. Therefore the illustrators can follow any style of children’s book illustrations.


Book cover art:

ColorPixxel is also one of the nation’s leading book cover design services. It coming up with book covers that are aesthetic and appeal to the senses. Moreover, the cost of the service is below the average rate for such a service, according to the company.


Character illustration, poster illustration:

According to the company, their illustrators can give shape to any character that a client conceptualizes.

Required for online games, animation, or graphic novels. Sometimes to gift to someone as a superhero, character illustrations are a rare and specialized service, which Color Pixxel is offering.

For instance, when it’s for a client, We try to keep personal style separate from the work. And allow the product or service to directly inform the visuals. When illustrating and designing for our personal work, it’s more intuitive and dependent on experimentation. We typically pull subject matter from friends and family or recent experiences.

When working on a client project. Color Pixxel’s typical process starts with trying to absorb and learn everything about them before creating anything.




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